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At the end of August every year, something amazing happens on an otherwise deserted dried lakebed in Nevada.

Tens of thousands of people come together on the burning hot playa to create a temporary city that only lasts one week — a  community based on music, art, self-reliance, and inclusion.

The event is called Burning Man. Having exploded in popularity in recent years, you are likely to see social media posts from your friends about the event. And if you’re going to the event I hope for your sake you’re doing research on how to prepare for your own journey into the desert.

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Celebrities choose J’s Adventures for Burning Man RV Rental

Renting an RV for Burning Man has become an increasingly popular option for Burners (Burning Man Festival Participants). Self-reliance, freedom, and inclusion are one thing, but when it’s a hundred degrees outside, it sure is sweet to have air conditioning!

Many owners and RV rental companies won’t allow their RVs to go to burning man. J’s Adventures staff are burners too. We understand the trials and tribulations of Burning Man. We offer burners an RV rental for Burning Man — but we do not offer a plug and play solution. We still believe in the Burning Man principle of self-reliance; it’s just with one of our RV Rentals it offers you the equipment so you can help yourself.

Mid-Sized Class C with Generator



Pick up in Southern California (San Diego)


22ft Thor Four Winds 22B (Sleeps: 2 – 5)

burning man rv rental

27ft Minnie Winnie 27Q (Sleeps: 2 – 5)

Need an RV Rental for the Burning Man event? Call/Text 817-320-8728. Email jason@jason27.com

Large Class C with Generator



Pick up in Southern California (San Diego)


31ft Thor Chateau 30C (Sleeps: 2 – 8)

Large Class A with Generator



Pick up in Southern California (San Diego)


34ft Thor Windsport (Sleeps: 2 – 10)

Winnebago Vista (Sleeps: 2 – 10)

Large Travel Trailer with Generator



Pick up in Southern California (San Diego)


Grand Design (Sleeps: 2 – 7)

Grand Design (Above) Open Range (Below)

Open Range (Sleeps: 2 – 7)

Eclipse Ragen’ (Sleeps: 2 – 7)

Keystone Sprinter (Sleeps: 2 – 7)

Need an RV Rental for the Burning Man event? Call/Text 817-320-8728. Email jason@jason27.com


INSURANCE: All RV rental insurance must be purchased from our third party website and will be added to the quoted rental fee and be provided on the invoice prior to any payment. A $2,500 security deposit is required for Class C units and $1,500 is required for trailers.

GENERATOR USE: 55 hours included then $5 per hour (does not include additional fuel). RETURN CLEANING: Basic Burning Man cleaning and trash removal of up to 6 bags of trash included. Additional fee of $25 per bag will be charged after 6. Note: No trash or food items may be left behind in the coach unless bagged. If items are left on counters, cabinets, refrigerators, sinks, floors and bedrooms for removal additional trash and cleaning will be charged at $65 per hour with a minimum $100 fee. Coach flooring prep and window sealing will be done to the coach to protect it and included at no additional charge.

SHIPPING ITEMS TO US (DELIVERY ONLY): For your convenience, you may ship items to us and the first 4’x4’x4’ pallet size will be included at no additional charge. Additional pallet size shipments will run $150 each. Note: All items being shipped back to you MUST have been repacked and postage paid labels must be on your packages or we will bill $65 per hour for this additional service. NO RETURN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING UNLESS ITEMIZED CONTENT LIST IS PROVIDED AND FILLED OUT IN ADVANCE. GROCERIES: Purchase your groceries from Vons.com for you and your number of passengers and have them delivered directly to us to be put in your rental vehicle. Note: Von’s.com orders may require additional fees to be charged for special handling at a rate of $65 per hour for orders deemed larger than for 6 people. All confirmed food orders once made with Von’s must then be emailed to us in advance of delivery. We will not be responsible for perishables. (Be sure not to order more than RV refrigerator can hold)  We will place your food orders and ship items in your coach and assist in shipping your items back after the event. “Save yourself some money and pack your garbage and repack your packages.”

Delivery*: Please call to discuss delivery options.

On rentals being picked up: We do not provide fuel to and from Black Rock Desert. To receive your coach in San Diego you may do so from 8/22/2019 to 8/31/2019. Returning your coach may start during business hours on Tuesday, September 3rd and must be returned by no later than 5pm Wednesday, September 4th. Late returns starting will be billed at $500 per day. Note:  All additional charges will be deducted from your security deposit.

J’s Adventures LLC is not affiliated or endorsed by the Burning Man event or it’s organizers. We are an independent company.
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