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In the winter when most people are cold or in the snow, southern California has a special playground for off-road enthusiasts, Glamis. It’s time for Sand Season! If you are looking for Glamis desert RV rentals, you have come to the right place! At J’s Adventures RV Rentals, we make desert RV rentals and toy hauler rentals as easy as possible. Click the button below to check out our RV fleet. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about the rental process: (619) 816-4546



glamis desert rv rentals

Located in the southeast corner of California, the Imperial Sand Dunes are the largest mass of sand dunes in the state. The Algodones Dunes are part of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, (ISDRA) and located 160 miles east of San Diego. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM has divided the recreation area into North and South sections. Glamis is a very popular area for RV camping and located in the North. The Southern section has the Dune Buggy and Buttercup. Both sections have locations for RV camping and dune access.

Star Wars, Return of the Jedi filmed the desert scenes on the Algodones Dunes.  Today the dunes are a playground for off roaders. It’s like Mad Max with the ATVs and custom vehicles that people arrive with.


Some dunes can reach a height of 300 feet which provides off-roaders some excitement and challenging obstacles. Dunes often reach heights of 300 feet above the desert floor, providing outstanding opportunities for recreation.

RV Trips to Glamis

The majority of off-roaders stay in the recreational recreation area south of Highway 78. RVs need to travel on designated roads so as to not get stuck in the sand. Information and maps for all of these areas are available at the ranger stations.

The north side of the park is more secluded and less fast-paced than the south. There are more than 26,015 acres to play in, with the tallest dunes are found in the central area. In addition to using off-road vehicles, you can also ride horses in remote areas. Visitors are welcome to walk or ride horses in this remote area.

RV Camping at the Dunes

Desert camping at the Glamis dunes is about self reliance and preparation. Be prepared in advance with an adequate supply of water, working generator, food and necessities. During the dunes season there are large crowds and off-road vehicles create a lot of noise, so being earplugs or something just in case. The good news is that you can use your generator with worrying about complaining neighbors.  RV camping at the dunes is a social event and most campers are happy to lend a hand if a fellow RV’er needs help. If you end up needing RV repair, J’s Adventures has you covered!

Here are a few of the most popular places to camp:

  1. Two BLM Glamis campgrounds along paved Gecko Road provide hard surface parking, vault toilets, and trash facilities. The Cahuilla Ranger Station, located on Gecko Road, is open weekends during the winter season (October-May). Other portions of the Imperial Sand Dunes include Mammoth Wash (north of Algodones Dunes Wilderness) and Buttercup Valley (south of Interstate 8). To find out more, click here.
  2. There is also a Glamis North KOA campground, closed during the summer.
  3. Historical Gold Rock Ranch is a full service RV Resort, Campground & Mobile Home Oasis in the Southern California Desert – located just 12 miles west of Yuma on I-8, then north on S-34 (Ogilby Road) just 9 miles then left on Gold Rock Ranch Road for 1 1/2 miles.

The peak dates for RV camping in Glamis are Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas break, and New Year’s. Pretty much all the dates that you and your family have off.


Like airfares, hotels, and car rentals, RV rental pricing is seasonal. Pricing is dependent on what time of year you plan on renting. Generally summer rates have higher pricing than during the winter months. We experience a higher volume of bookings in summer months and recommend that you book early to ensure that we have a vehicle available. Rental rate also changes based on availability so the sooner you reserve the RV the cheaper it may be.

Typical RV Rental Seasons

Spring March 1 – May 23
Summer May 24 – September 10
Winter September 11 – February 28