Our Leaseback Program

Let your new RV or travel trailer pay for itself! Are you considering buying an RV or travel trailer? Or perhaps you’ve already purchased one and are feeling some of the burdens of RV ownership. Let J’s Adventures help make the payments on your new purchase.

Owning your own RV is a wonderful experience, but it comes with a few drawbacks. Monthly payments, insurance, storage, maintenance and winterizing/de-winterizing are just a few. In addition, many people buy a new toy, and then find that it sits much of the time unused, while the payments, storage and other costs continue.

What if you could rent your RV out to others when you are not using it, and never have to make another payment? And what if you no longer had to store your travel trailer or remember to winterize and de-winterize it every year? If this sounds good to you, then a leaseback arrangement with J’s Adventures may be just the thing for you.

In most cases the owner’s share of a leaseback is more than enough to make the monthly payments, and you may also be able to write off many of the expenses associated with owning your RV, including depreciation.

So how does it all work? We are happy to discuss the terms and answer questions in detail, but the general terms of a leaseback are as follows:

  • J’s Adventures will manage all aspects of the RV rental process including advertising, scheduling, screening renters, collecting payments and taxes, etc.
  • J’s Adventures will provide storage, regular inspections, and winterizing/de-winterizing as-needed. We will furnish the RV, including kitchen supplies, bath linens and bedding (for the main bed).
  • The cost of maintenance belongs to the owner, but we will schedule and arrange the maintenance as-needed, pay for it, and deduct the cost from your earnings.
  • Once per quarter, we will send you a summary statement and a check for your earnings minus any maintenance costs that were incurred. Our fee for these services is 50% of the rental revenue from your unit.

You are free to use your RV or travel trailer whenever you wish, provided it is not already rented on those dates. Scheduling your use in advance helps to avoid scheduling conflicts, but if they do arise we will do our best to shuffle rentals to free up your RV for you. If this is not possible, we will try to make another unit in our fleet available for your use.

We believe our leaseback arrangement is an excellent way to make RV ownership easier and more affordable. If you are interested in discussing this further, please call or email us.


Like airfares, hotels, and car rentals, RV rental pricing is seasonal. Pricing is dependent on what time of year you plan on renting. Generally summer rates have higher pricing than during the winter months. We experience a higher volume of bookings in summer months and recommend that you book early to ensure that we have a vehicle available. Rental rate also changes based on availability so the sooner you reserve the RV the cheaper it may be.

Typical RV Rental Seasons

Spring March 1 – May 23
Summer May 24 – September 10
Winter September 11 – February 28