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J’s Adventures Terms & Conditions


Reservations and Rental Payment: All reservations need to be made at least 48 hours prior to the departure date. If booking through another agency, the policies of the booking agency will prevail. Otherwise if booking directly with J’s Adventures, 50% of the reservation will be charged immediately to reserve the remaining will be charged the of pickup. Security Deposits will be charged/held 48 hours before picked. Security deposits will be returned within 7 days after rental period unless items are found that requires additional holding. (Example: there was damage and we are waiting on a quote from repair shop) 

All cancellations must be submitted via the same method as originally booked. Example: If booked on Outdoorsy, cancellation must occur through outdoorsy, if booked through RVshare then reservation must be canceled through RVshare. Any attempt to cancel a trip without involving original booking agency will not be treated as a cancellation. The security deposit will be refunded, in full, if the booking is canceled prior to pickup. Otherwise, the security deposit policy will be in effect. If the J’s Adventures cancels the booking before the pickup date, a full refund will be issued to the Renter. 

Cancellation Policy: From the date of reservation and up to 30 days before departure, J’s Adventures will refund the payment amount less a $50 processing fee.  If canceled within 30 days of departure but more than 7 days from departure,  50% of payment amounts will be refunded.  If canceled within 7 days of departure no refunds will be given.  Please allow 14 days to process any refund. 

Security/Damage Deposit: The Security/Damage Deposit must be in the form of credit card, 48 hours before departure.  The card must be in the name of the renter on the contract. Security/Damage deposits are $1000 for trailers and $1500 for motorhomes. Renter is responsible for all damage done to the vehicle from the time of their departure until return and checked-in by authorized J’s Adventures employee. There is an additional $100 fee added to any damage to cover J’s Adventures costs and travel mileage to repair.  Please allow up to 14 days for the deposit refund, less any additional charges, to appear back on your credit card. 

Security/Damage Deposit Reconciliation: Every effort will be made to reconcile Security/Damage Deposit within 14 days after return of rental unit if the unit is returned clean, fuel tanks at or above departure level, gray & black water tanks drained and NO DAMAGE. The following charges: extra mileage in excess of the estimate, cost of repairs for damages deemed to be of the customer’s responsibility, or any other fees or charges will be charged separately from the security/damage deposit. Additional charges included: Generator hours, pet policy fees, no smoking fees, extra cleaning fees, waste tank not emptied or fuel tank levels not at or above departure level. 

Delivery / Pick Up: J’s Adventures will deliver and pick-up your rental vehicle or trailer for you. Prices vary based on location.  A delivery site must be free of shrubs, debris, and the delivery site must be wide enough to allow maneuverability for the driver and slide outs of the vehicle. If you are unsure if the location is suitable for the vehicle being delivered, we can provide a pre-inspection at an additional cost.  Delivery and Pickup fees include set up and tear down of available on-site hookups. 

Prep, Cleaning & Starter Package Fee. All vehicles have a mandatory Prep, Cleaning & Starter fee.  This fee includes vehicle prep and your walkthrough, basic cleaning upon return, and a starter pack of RV Toilet Paper & Septics Chemicals. A fee is $75 are per vehicle added to your contract quote. Please note: Our rentals do not include bedding, linens, towels, kitchen supplies, tools or maps.   See accessory rental rates for additional items. 

Dump Fee: All vehicles must have gray and black tanks completely dumped and drained before returning to J’s Adventures unless previously arranged.  The dump fee is $100.00 if an RV waste holding tank is returned not empty. 

RV Rental Pick Up & Return: Vehicle check out times are between 5pm8pm Monday – Friday and varies on Saturdays, based on vehicle readiness.  We operate more like a hotel, not a car rental agency.  We will contact you 48 hours prior to departure to confirm your reservation pick time. Return time is between 2pm4pm (Monday – Friday) unless otherwise arranged in advance. We cannot guarantee to pick up’s or returns on Sunday’s or on major holidays, as J’s Adventures may be closed. Sunday pick ups and drop off may be arranged for an $60 fee if personnel are available. There are absolutely no refunds for early returns.  The vehicle remains the responsibility of the renter until an authorized J’s Adventures representative has checked the vehicle in.   The vehicle must be returned clean inside and the fuel level must be at or above the departure level. If the RV is not returned clean and/or at fuel level below the departure level, a $250 cleaning fee will be charged. Any additional cleaning time beyond 4 hours will also incur an additional $50 per hour cleaning fee. Fuel will be refilled at a price of $5.25 per gallon of gas. We bill fuel at ¼ tank increments.  The Renter must pick up & drop off the rental vehicle him or herself. 

Towing or using the hitch: If renter plans on towing anything or using any hitch mounted rack with the motorhome, the renter must arrange with J’s Adventures prior to picking up the RV to have the hitch lock removed. Renter must bring their hitch-mounted rack with them or hitch lock will not be removed.  When towing, all tow vehicles and total gross tow weight must be approved by J’s Adventures and subject to $49 fee to rental contract and additional $0.10/mile on the total trip.  Please call for details. 

Travel Areas: No travel to Mexico under any circumstance. All security deposit is forfeit if RV is brought into Mexico. Travel is not recommended in the summer months (July & August) in the desert areas (i.e. Death Valley) due to overheating, which may cause tire damage, engine failure, and other problems. If a problem occurs while traveling in hot areas, you will be responsible to pay for any damage caused. If you are traveling to an elevation of 5,000 feet or more you may encounter troubles with the operation of the generator or propane refrigerator systems. If this occurs, we suggest you hook up to 110 volts to operate the 110 volt appliances. If the generator malfunctions due to elevation, please do not use or try to adjust the generator. No compensation will be made for generator/refrigerator malfunctions if traveling above 5,000 ft. During the winter months we do not recommend that you travel to or through snow areas, use snow chains or travel where the weather is below freezing. Tire chains can damage tires if not properly installed and the holding tanks may freeze and burst. The renter will be responsible to pay for any damages incurred.  Traveling to Burning Man is available on certain vehicles and must be fully disclosed at the time of reservation and subject to mandatory additional cleaning fees and change of nightly rate plan.  Any person’s not disclosing Burning Man travel destination will be held liable for all normal Burning Man rates, cleaning fees , and subject to additional non-disclosure fee of $3000.  All vehicles being rented out for travel during Aug 25th-Sept15th will need to sign Burning Man disclosure affidavit before departure.  Please call to see affidavit in advance or upon request. 

On Road/Travel/RV Concerns – REIMBURSEMENT POLICY:  J’s Adventures has done many things to assure you a trouble free vacation. In the unlikely event that you may experience mechanical difficulties with the vehicle, we have a policy to help you back on the road as quickly as possible and reimburse you for covered items.  Fully covered items include all components necessary for vehicle engine operation, the drive train, and brakes.  Partially covered items include automotive air conditioning, Forced air furnace, Microwave oven, (if supplied), Generator, Refrigerator, House water pump, Aux batteries (defects only), 110v A/C, water heater, toilet, and shower.  Should any of the items listed as partially covered fail to operate; an allowance of $10 per day/per item up to a maximum of $70 per item will be reimbursed to the renter. The allowance is limited to $300 per vehicle. All other items are not covered.  These include automotive cruise control, interior lights, TVs, DVDs, any audio systems, electric slide out, or sofas and exterior showers. 

Renter is responsible for checking the engine oil, fluids, and coolant levels at each refueling. Renter may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in vehicle operation or failure to provide normal on road maintenance. Renter is responsible to change the engine oil and filters for every 3,000 miles that they travel. Renter must provide J’s Adventures with the oil change receipts upon their return if they traveled 3,000 miles are more, if renter did not have the engine oil changed, the renter will be charged accordingly to have the oil change done on the vehicle. 

Mileage: 100 MILES are included for every night booked and paid for at full price.  For example, a 7-night rental would include 700 miles at no additional costs.  Additional miles are $0.40/mile over the allowed limit. Please consult with J’s Adventures about requesting to tow and additional mileage fees. 

Generator: 5 hrs included for every night booked and paid for at full price. $5.00 per hour thereafter. 

Smoking Policy: There is a NO SMOKING policy in all of the vehicles. If your rental is returned with any kind of smoke odorincluding campfire smoke, an automatic $500 cleaning fee (at minimum) will be taken from Security/damage deposit. 

Tires and Windshield: On road tire failure please call Jason at 817-320-8728; we have a tire coverage plan that will change out the tire for you. The tire must be replaced with the same type/grade of tire. For your own safety DO NOT attempt to change a tire yourself!  If the windshield is damaged, the renter needs to have it properly evaluated, if ok to drive they can proceed.  If not they will need to have it replaced.  Renter is responsible for all windshield damage while the RV is in their possession. J’s Adventures does not reimburse for tire replacement or repair or windshield replacement. 

Parking/Traffic/Toll Violations: Renter is responsible for reporting and payment of all parking/traffic/toll violations at rental return. Please notify us of all violations.  All non-payment of parking/traffic/toll violations will be deducted from Security/damage deposit.  If Security/damage deposit has been refunded, you are authorizing J’s Adventures to charge the credit card on file for such violation and a $50/violation additional processing fee. 

Pet Policy: Pets are allowed in most our rentals. If there is any hair or other evidence of pets we will charge $95/hour cleaning fee with a one hour minimum per occurrence.  Any excess fees will be deducted from security/damage deposit. 

Insurance for Motorhomes and trailers: J’s Adventures LLC does not insure your rental vehicle as soon as you start to drive the vehicle or tow your trailer off of our lot.  You, the renter, are responsible and must obtain an insurance. If there are multiple drivers – each driver must also obtain an insurance binder from their insurance company and all drivers must be listed on the rental contract. If your personal auto insurance company does not cover you to rent an RV, you will be required to purchase full coverage directly through Wheelbase or MBAchoice.com at a daily rate of $21-50/day depending on vehicle and liability coverage requested. The MBA policy covers the vehicle and all driver’s listed on the rental agreement less a $1500 deductible which you will be responsible for if a claim is made or any damage under the deductible amount.  For towables, your auto insurance policy should extend to the rented tow unit.  We will require proof of insurance on our supplied form if you are towing. All insurance policies must have J’s Adventures LLC listed on policy to be covered. If you have any questions on insurance, give us a ring as soon as possible and we will be happy to help you sort through this important and necessary part of renting. 

Other Important Information: The person named on the Reservation Application and the Final Contract must have a valid major credit card and is the only person authorized to sign the rental agreement and drive or tow the vehicle off or on our lot unless additional drivers have been approved and are listed on the rental contract.   ALL DRIVERS MUST BE 25 YRS OR OLDER.  No refunds will be given for early return.  No candles incense or open flames allowed in vehicles. 


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